" Van alkine "

Behind the label " Van alkine " stays Alkine van der Laan. Her passion for design and craftsmanship is available from her childhood. As a girl of five she paraded with bags and shoes from her mother and aunt. At the age of fourteen she started her own clothing and bags to make. First, only textiles, but later also of leather. Leather is a beautiful natural material to work with. Alkine has followed several courses and workshops in the field of design and textiles. In 2011, she successfully completed the only national craft bags training SVGB in Nieuwegein and Sint Lucas in Boxtel. Subsequently, she earned a certificate in the field of designing and producing bags . In March 2013, Atelier of Bags Van alkine is recognized as a training company for creative craftsman and leather goods maker .

" Van alkine " is the label for unique handcrafted leather bags and accessories. Special creations , beautiful in shape and color, stylish and perfectly finished. Each item is handmade from fine leather, lined with natural materials and equipped with functional pockets. Each bag is unique and is made in a limited edition. From our workshop is conceived, designed and manufactured with great passion by hand. It is possible to make a bag custom made f​​or you. So your wishes come true.

A bag for every occasion, a personal ally that shares your history and suits you.